Celtic Tattoos Designs

A classic Celtic knot pattern

Celtic tattoos designs have attracted a wide-range of enthusiasts who fall in love with the vividly elaborate style and historic knotwork of the Celts. Today, the symbolism and visual intrigue of Celtic tattoo art appeals to much more than those who possess Irish, Scottish, or Welsh cultural ties.

While some may choose to express their pride by highlighting a Celtic tattoo design – others are simply mesmerized by the hypnotic nature of the typical Celtic style.

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Popular Celtic Tattoos Designs

Intricate detail, interlacing patterns, animal transformations, splashes of color, and carefully placed lines are some of the common characteristics that Celtic art offers an individual. Celtic-inspired tattoos are distinctively recognizable with a handful of popular selections that easily identify Celtic art. For instance, one of the earliest symbols regarding the culture offers a blend of pagan and Christian traditions – the Celtic Cross. Displaying a history of early Sun worship, it is the circle of this particular design that serves as a symbol for the sun. Overall, the Celtic Cross tattoos of today symbolize infinity and eternity.

Celtic knots offer a fascinating display of complete loops that possess no beginning or end. Some Celtic knot designs also feature the inclusion of animals, where the heads, feet, and tails of creatures serve as part of the display. The translation and symbolism associated with Celtic knot tattoos touches upon varied personal and spiritual expression. However, it is the notion of continuous life, love, and faith that many individuals initially gravitate to when considering a Celtic tattoo design.

Another colorful design to think about includes Celtic butterfly tattoos, which have found a particular following with women. A popular Celtic butterfly design involves using knots to form the shape of this symbolic creature. In Celtic tattoo art, the butterfly serves as a symbol of resurrection, grace, beauty, diversity, and peace. It can also refer to life after death.

An individual may also choose this type of Celtic tattoo design to showcase a personal metamorphosis or transformation regarding their life. In Ireland, the butterfly is additionally linked to the representation of dead souls awaiting entry into purgatory. Yet, the butterfly tattoos of Celtic art predominately focus on the positive associations in life.