Blisters on Lips Maintaining Your Body Health

A major statistic that will surprise you is the fact that almost 90% of the earth’s human population has a form of HSV-1, and many suffer from blood blister on lips. And yet, just a small portion of adults grumble over and will even bother to seek treatment for this virus from their health practitioner. There are a number of treatments out there which often will provide you with temporary pain relief.

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Medications provides temporary relief

Medications for fever blisters are regularly prescribed for this condition by your medical doctor. Creams and lotions will also be prescribed which will, if applied in accordance with the specified directions, can certainly treat a person’s herpes virus externally; and reduce the amount of days you experience an outbreak of fever blisters on lips. Many of these prescribed ointments and lotions, tablets, etc can supply you with short term pain alleviation; however, for continuing pain relief you may have to use both the conventional and non traditional methods to treat your fever blisters on lips.

Reducing outbreaks of blisters on lips through exercise and diet

A person’s pH levels within your body should be maintained within the standard level and that level is 7.0 or higher. There are many different variables which will prevent your body chemistry from staying with in the normal pH range.

Unhealthy diet practices as well as stress and anxiety can easily boost the acidity level inside your body and make you susceptible to all sorts of health issues; fever blisters on lips just being one of them. A shortage of oxygen or oxygen poor body systems tend to be highly susceptible to illnesses. The herpes virus is normally anaerobic and that makes it unable to live within the presence of oxygen. There are several methods that you can use where you are able to increase the oxygen content levels within your body.

Working out is an economical method of boosting the oxygen amounts in your body. Doing exercises in the early morning time is actually encouraged because getting fresh air has moderately higher quantities of oxygen. Exercising should be done systematically so that your entire body works every group of your major muscles. This will greatly enhance the oxygen circulation within the body. Physical exercise ought to be done that includes frequent breaks in between so they won’t add stress in your body, rather then minimize it. Too much physical exercise increases the level of acidity of your body as a result of lactic acid build up.

Stress and blisters on lip

Stress is yet another key element which unfortunately weakens your body, allowing it to be vulnerable to fever blisters on lips. Stress and tension will raise the level of acidity within your body system. Stress secretes various amounts of acids and various chemical substances in an attempt to deal with the current situation you’re in. Now this is beneficial if you are running away from a wild bear or perhaps escaping from a burning building. Nonetheless, chronic stress and anxiety can be quite hard on your body and also boosts the level of acidity content in your system.

HSV-1 thrives in acidic and less oxygenated systems and its outbreaks are generally increased whenever your body is found in this kind of chemical imbalance. The human body is actually a precise piece of equipment and it needs to be taken care of utilizing common sense and also by paying attention to what it is trying to say to you.

By eating healthy and getting plenty of rest and exercise, you will be able to better control your HSV-1 outbreaks, as well as reduce the duration of these fever blisters on lips outbreaks until a permanent cure can be found.