Dealing with A Double Chin Dilemma

You look in the mirror and are met with disappointment.  There it is.  A double chin.  Many people struggle with a couple of extra pounds, but the unfortunate thing is that the first place that those pounds find a home is on our faces.  In order to combat a double chin you need to understand what causes it and how to combat it.

A double chin is often found in people that are overweight or older in years.  It is caused by a layer of fat, called subcutaneous fat, that tends to hang below your chin creating the image of a second chin.  In the elderly a lot of time it is a symptom of skin losing its elasticity.  However, not just people dealing with a little extra weight or some advance aging struggle with a double chin.   Many average folks can hold it due to their bone structure. Some folks don’t have a strong jaw bone, and are just predisposed to holding a double chin.

There are several options that you have to try to alleviate your double chin.  The first and probably most common option is to lose weight.  Double chins are a symptom of being overweight.  By reducing the amount of calories you consume you will lose weight all over your body including your face.  Another factor to any weight loss plan is to incorporating exercise.  This will not only help your body burn calories, but it will also reduce fat deposits throughout your body.  In exercising you can specifically target your platysma muscle, the muscle under your chin.  In exercising this specific area you will be able to tighten and tone that muscle reducing any sagging skin.

The second option to tackle a double chin is by using a Velform Chin Wrap.   This is  a product that helps to re-sculpt the chin which tightens and shrinks the epidermis cells around the chin.  This is a wrap that is worn around the neck and chin for 20-30 minutes a day.  It is the #1 way to lose a double chin.

The final option is perhaps the most serious option, and that is having a surgical procedure completed to alleviate your double chin. Chin liposuction is where a surgeon will physically drain the fat out of the area.  It is an expensive option, and does have some risks associated with it.  Additionally, if there are no changes made to ones eating habits chances are your double chin will come back.

All in all a double chin is a very common issue for many people, but the positive spin is that there are many different ways to handle it.  By understanding what causes a double chin, and your options for dealing it you will be equipped to make the best choice for yourself.