How Soon After Implantation Can You Take A Pregnancy Test

In general,a female can know that once she misses her period she is pregnant. To verify a lot many tests which can be done self are in the medicine shops easily available for confirming the same. But how soon after implantation can you take a pregnancy test is all about accurate calculations. It is known to all that implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterus takes anywhere from six to twelve weeks in particular.A woman who has noted her dates well is in a good position to know as to when she has become pregnant.

The process of taking a home pregnancy test is very easy ,reliable and improved with time.This involves you to first read carefully the manual which is included in the kit and do as instructed. The first thing is that you need to put a few drops of your urine onto the strip which levels the HCG ie hormone Human chronic gonadotrophin.This hormone is produced just after the implantation of a fertilized egg has taken place.You need not be very impatient with this. After the implantation at least wait for 2 weeks or minimum of twelve days so that the best chances of ovulation is in process. Therefore it advisable to wait at least this much before going for the test to know if you are pregnant.

Therefore ,the best answer to how soon after implantation can you take a pregnancy test would be to wait till you have missed your first period and then either go to the gynecologist or take a test on your own home so many made available at your near by medical store.

Most of the times the test can be taken at home. You need to pee on the test strip or cup or how so ever it is in the kit and then wait to notice the color change. The scale does have a positive and negative marking also. If it is towards the negative side should not taken as you are not pregnant but quite often the timing can be incorrect .So , it is very difficult to comment that a negative test means that you are not pregnant. But if it is positive , then it is hundred percent sure that you are pregnant. To over rule the doubts whether you are negative or positive at your home pregnancy test, one must make a visit to your gynecologist who has sure shot test readily available for you which would confirm the pregnancy.The process remains more or less same.