Healthy Gourmet Sausages Are Worth the Search

Gourmet SausageFinding sausages without nitrates or MSG is not always easy. They are not typically available at the local grocery store, and must be sought out at either farmer’s markets or specialty food shops. A little online hunting, however, will produce some excellent gourmet sausage options that can be delivered right to your door. For example, Jody Maroni italian sausages makes healthier alternatives to conventional mass produced sausages, and uses appealing and unusual seasonings to boot. Cilantro, pomegranates, oranges, and beer are just some of the interesting natural flavorings he uses. It pays to seek out a healthier sausage alternative, especially when the most prevalent options tend to be high in saturated fat and filled with harmful additives. Sausages that use high quality meat, not mystery meat, are usually lower in fat, and therefore healthier. The ease of ordering from home makes it even easier to stick to a healthy diet, while sampling the inspired gourmet sausage ingredients makes it fun too.