How to Decorate a Coffee Shop for Halloween

Halloween is one of the most anticipated days of the year. All the ghosts and goblins are out and about and even the zombies make their presence known. Speaking of zombies, is it a coincidence that the zombies always to seem to flock to the local coffee shops first thing in the morning? Oh, maybe those people aren’t truly zombies, just people who are in need of their favorite morning boost!

Coffee shops can be fun places to go during Halloween time because of the ease of decorating and creation of a spooky atmosphere. If you own a coffee shop and are considering decorating for Halloween, then you are one step closer to having a howling good time this year!

Special brews

If you are like most coffee shops, you offer special blends for the holidays. You can offer Halloween-themed blends by changing the names of some of the roasts you offer. Of course, you will want to be sure that your customers can still get their favorite brews. Use fun names like “witches’ brew,” “bats’ blood” and “swamp water” for your more popular coffees/coffee drinks.

You can also change the names of the syrups, sprinkles and various other additives. Dressing up the additives in spooky containers is easy enough to do by wrapping the containers in Halloween wrapping paper. 

Bubbling “cauldrons”

This is a fun and easy effect to do. Get several extra large coffee cups and place some dry ice in them to create a bubbling, foggy effect. Place the cups high enough that customers can’t look inside and label each mug with a scary brew name. To further the effect, place some spider webs around the mugs to create the illusion of age.

It is important to note that you should not get so many “cauldrons” going that your customers can’t see to walk around your shop. Safety is very important.

Table settings

This is probably the easiest decorating to do. Get some old white sheets and rip them until the edges are tattered and use them as tablecloths. You can be really creative and make “stains” on the tablecloths with red, green and/or brown paint. Invest in some flameless candles in black, orange, red or any other colors you want, and place one on each table. You can probably find Halloween-themed napkins at your local box store or you can check with your supply company. 

Don’t forget to add some spider webs to the backs and legs of the chairs and maybe hanging off of the candles and napkin dispensers. It is so important to dress up your tables for your customers because it adds to the ambiance.


Most coffee shops have music of some sort playing in the background for their customers enjoyment. Instead of playing regular tunes from a radio station, tune into some creepy sounds like thunderstorms, creaking doors, screams and cryptic laughter. The right background sounds can really set the tone for a chilling coffee experience.


It wouldn’t hurt for you as the owner of the coffee shop to show your Halloween spirit and dress up. If you have employees, then encourage them to also dress up and maybe even hold a employee costume contest. Halloween is all about having a spooky good time so why not dress the part? 

Halloween brings about thoughts of creaking doors, things going “bump” in the night and all sorts of monsters. Why not bring that fun and creepy feeling into your coffee shop with some festive (and easy) decorations and sound effects? You do not need to be a special effects genius to achieve a spooky, yet fun atmosphere in a coffee shop setting. All you need is an active imagination and some inexpensive props like dry ice and a creepy sound effects CD. 

When Halloween comes around this year, make it one your customers will remember by getting into the spirit of it. You might even consider hosting a costume contest or offer discounts on your spooky themed coffee selections.