How to Cure Cigar Breath

Curing Cigar breath can often be a challenging affair, as halitosis (commonly known as bad breath) can differ from person to person. Here are a few tips to help cure cigar breath for yourself or someone you know. These are not permanent solutions, but help reduce the foul odors associated with smoker’s breath on a daily basis.

Bad breath occurs after the metabolism of bacteria caused by fermented food particles in your mouth. Cigar smoke adds an additional set of particles and speeds up the bacterial process. A number of compounds are mutated in this process which cause noxious gases such as hydrogen sulfide (which smells like rotten eggs) and methyl mercaptan (which smells like the interior of a barn!) Imagine these aromas wafting around in your mouth the next time you enjoy a lovely pull of your cigar.

Try any the following tips to avoid added embarrassment from cigar breath.

1) Breath Mints or Cigar Smoker Specific Mints
Replacing the offending scent with one that is more powerful and pleasing to smell (such as mint) is the easiest solution. Some cigar manufacturers produce their own line of mints that aid in the masking of cigar breath, and taste great too.

2) Natural herbs and food products
Consuming parsley, sprigs of mint, lemon wedges, cranberry juice, natural green or herbal teas and even foods with garlic will reduce and even remove the scents associated with cigar breath. These items can replace the foul bacteria in your mouth with clean bacteria and cleanse your palate. The noxious gases produced will dissipate quicker.

3) Mouthwash and breath freshener products
There are several types of mouthwash and breath spray products specifically formulated for cigar breath. The most common brands of mouthwash are Targon by GlaxoSmithKline and Pearl Drops Smokers. Common breath freshener products include Altadis Cigar Clear, and BreathRx Breath Spray. These products offer temporary relief for those who have cigar breath by removing some of the bacteria in the mouth.

4) Brushing your teeth and flossing
Since the majority of bacteria formed in the mouth comes from fermented food particles, it is wise to engage in proper oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth thoroughly, mild scraping of the tongue and roof of the mouth and flossing will tremendously assist in limiting the amount of particulate in your mouth after meals and cigar smoking. Less particles means less bacteria formation and the reduction of foul odors from the chemical reactions in your mouth.

These four tips can easily reduce the severity of cigar breath if practiced regularly. As mentioned beforehand, they may not completely eliminate odors created from bacteria formed in the mouth, but will definitely improve your situation if you have been suffering from halitosis. Now you can enjoy your cigars without the concern of offending people close to you with cigar breath.